Future Plans

The future plans for Haiti in our Hands focus on healthcare and education. We will continue with our Medical Missions but a concerted effort is being made to rebuild the schools of Chauffard.

The main school of Chauffard which collapsed in the earthquake

School Rebuild

The only school not to collapse is in the community of Chauffard is in Bongars. Tragically the schools in Chauffard, Masson, Procy, Laval, Bois-D’Orme, Malanga, and Berly all collapsed. Temporary schools have been put in place. Haiti in our Hands is committed to its reconstruction of them all so the children of Chauffard have an enjoyable environment conducive to learning once again.

The temporary school of Chauffard

The first school to be rebuilt is the main school of Chauffard. The total cost of the project is estimated at $450k and its completion date is dependent on funding. The school building itself will be used as a community centre to hold workshops to further educate the adult people of Chauffard. The building will be overseen by a local engineer and labour will be sought for the people of Chauffard.

Haiti in our Hands believes the school should be built by the people of Chauffard for the people of Chauffard.

100% of donations to the project go direct to the cost of local materials and labour.

Please visit our education pages to learn more. You can donate to the rebuilding of the Chauffard School and give a brighter future to the children of Haiti.