The history of Haiti in our Hands is the coming together of two compassionate groups of people who serve the people of Chauffard: the Church of St. Michael & St. Peter in Syracuse, New York and our friends from Northern Ireland.

The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter of Syracuse NY

The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter, in Syracuse, NY, has been supporting the community of Immaculate Conception in Chauffard, Haiti through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas since spring 2000.

Here is a summary of our support:

Ongoing: have sent money for teacher and staff salaries since 2000. Added more funds for school lunch program after the World Food Program pulled out of the area in 2014

2007: Reconstructed rectory with a matching grant from Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

2005: Raised funds and ordered new 4-wheel-drive vehicle through NGO Begeca (& again in 2014)

2009: First Medical Mission, sent nine teams total through 2018 

2010: Wired $44,000 in immediate aftermath of 2010 earthquake

2013: Sent $1,100 for new solar solar panels & batteries

2014: Coordinated with Caritas Swiss to construct new school in Chauffard (they paid construction costs with commitment that we pay ongoing operational costs)

2016: Built 13 new homes in the village in the aftermath of hurricane 

2017: New health clinic construction completed – built entirely with funds donated by St. Michael’s and St. Peter’s Church 

2018: We sent $1,000 for clothing and a reception for almost 100 couples, who were married by Father Raymond

2019: Built 14 more new 3-room, cement block homes

2020: Renovated school kitchen with $2k donations from the US & UK, also sent $1,500 for repairs for the parish vehicle & $1250 for building more new homes

2021: The new church was completed in spring of 2021, funded entirely by donations from St. Michael’s and St. Peter’s Church

2022-2023: Ongoing support of the school lunch program and teacher salaries

The new church in Chauffard, Haiti, built with your donations, was finally completed in 2021.