Haiti in our Hands works in the community of Chauffard, Ouest in the south of Haiti where the people lead a incredibly tough life. They do not have access to healthcare and live on as little as a $60 a year. They suffer from severe malnutrition and do not have safe drinking water.

The people of Chauffard lead a very tough life

They work very long hours performing manual labour to grow crops such as watercress and walk great distances to sell the produce. They live in very basic conditions where they are not fully protected against the extreme weather they experience and have no access to electricity. Literacy rates are very low and paid employment is virtually non existent.

Living conditions in Chauffard are very basic

Even with the severe poverty Chauffard is a beautiful place. The people are very friendly and incredibly grateful for what they have. They really appreciate the work of Haiti in our Hands and are able to teach us so much. The rugged mountains and jungle like vegetation make it amongst the most beautiful places one can visit.