Who we are

Haiti in Ours Hands is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the village of Chauffard, located in the mountains above Port au Prince, Haiti. We are a collaboration between the Haiti Committee of the Church of St. Michael and St. Peter in Syracuse, New York, and our friends from Northern Ireland. All the funds we raise go directly to the people of Haiti, as we are all volunteers.

We raise money to support the schools in Chauffard, and other needs that the parish may have. For example, we sent funds to rebuild both the church and the health clinic in the village after the devastating 2010 earthquake. We have purchased a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and paid for the refurbishment of the school kitchen. For a complete list of our past accomplishments, please visit the History section. Currently, we are seeking donations for a couple of projects. Father Raymond has requested funding to replace the batteries for the solar panels that supply electricity to the rectory, church offices and health center (solar panels are the only source of electricity in the area). We will also be raising funds for a Tree Currency Program. The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) of Haiti has accepted Chauffard into their proven Tree Currency Program. This program trains farmers and gives them tools and seeds in exchange for raising and planting fruit trees. The program is scheduled to start in July of 2024. More information to come!

From 2009 through 2018, Haiti in Our Hands sent nine Medical Mission teams to Haiti to provide primary healthcare services to the village. However, due to the security situation in the country, that program is on pause now. We hope to be able to visit Chauffard again in the future. Meanwhile, we continue to stay in contact with the parish, reflect on our mission and work towards our goals. 

Our mission is to provide sustainable results through education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Haiti in our Hands envisions the people of Haiti leading a life free from poverty where their basic needs of humanity are met. A life where the Haitian people have enough food to eat, enough clean water to drink, a home to live in and have a family, access to world-class healthcare and education, job opportunities, and a place of worship.

Our short-term goals:

  • Fund lunch program for ~1,000 students
  • Supplement salaries for 32 teachers and school lunch cooks
  • Continue to provide healthcare services

Our long-term goals:

  • Develop income-generating activities to grow the local economy
  • Improve the road leading to Chauffard
  • Promote reforestation
  • Agriculture training

To donate money, please visit the Support Us link on the web site. To get in touch, visit the  Contact Us page. 

The Haiti in our Hands Medical team of 2012

The Haiti in our Hands Medical Mission team of 2012