Joseph McCullagh

Joseph McCullagh gives his thoughts on life in Chauffard and why Haiti needs your help:

“My first trip to Haiti was in November 2011 and my lasting impression of that trip will be just how tough the daily routine is for a Haitian person. Their routine is a long, arduous and filled with hunger; for me, no one should be hungry in this world.

I will not forget the huge numbers of people in Port-au-Prince on the streets who were idle due to unemployment. I felt desperately sorry for these people because they want to work to support themselves and their families but they simply have not got the opportunities. I believe everyone should be given at the very least an opportunity to earn a living.

I will also remember the school children of Chauffard. I will not forget how oblivious they were to the fact they deserve a much better education than they were receiving. This is not to disrespect the school teachers and principal who do a wonderful job with what they have but these children deserve better.

Above all I will remember how resilient and grateful the people of Chauffard are and how deserving they are of any help I can give them. For in return, they help teach me what is important in life.”

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