Courtney Stevenson

Courtney Stevenson talks about her experience working as a registered nurse on the medical trip of Nov ’11:

I had never been on a medical mission before, but had always wanted to go on one. Helping the people of  Chauffard and working with the other volunteers was a great experience. We saw many people in the clinic with issues that for most, you can solve by going to a local drugstore but unfortunately, not for them. A little thing like salt, which we all need in our diet, they do not have, so many goiters were seen and sadly we could do little for them. But multivitamins, antacids, and other medications were dispensed to help them. The people are very gracious and thankful for our help. I will never forget when we first arrived at Chauffard and all the school children waiting for us and then singing a welcome song. I will always remember my visit to Chauffard fondly and all the wonderful people I met. Haiti will always have a special place in my heart.

Courtney & Elizabeth working in the clinic