Martin Tierney

Martin Tierney gives his thoughts on Haiti and the help it needs:

“It never fails to shock me, leaving our wealthy, prosperous, over indulgent nations to arrive in Haiti to see the remarkable struggle for survival that most Haitians endure for their entire lives. Children dying of simple, treatable conditions. Mothers raising children in the battered remains of a shack where their less than adequate home once stood. Hunger. And all of this just a few hours from the wealthiest nations in the world.

But like the journey many countries have taken from great hardship, Haiti can recover, rebuild and become strong. And I have seen this change and progress slowly being created over the last few years on my visits there. We have the opportunity to advance and continue this change through the work outlined on this website. A small donation makes a huge difference on the ground there. A life changing difference. I urge the reader to make a small sacrifice and make a profound positive impact on the lives of these deserving people.”

Martin Tierney enjoying his time in Haiti