The history of Haiti in our Hands is the coming together of two compassionate groups of people who serve the people of Chauffard.

The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter of Syracuse NY

The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter, in Syracuse, NY, has been supporting the community of Immaculate Conception in Chauffard, Haiti through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas since spring 2000. They have been sending money monthly to meet the wages of the school teachers and for the construction of community buildings. They have also carried out two Medical Missions in April 2009 and November 2011. These missions involved bringing medicine to Chauffard along with professional medical staff such as doctors and nurses.

Summary of accomplishments

  • Financial support to date of $100,000.
  • Funding for a new 4WD Toyota Landcruiser
  • Repaired and enlarged the rectory
  • 2008 visit of 4 parishioners to Chauffard
  • Regular transfer of $1,000 a month for school expenses
  • 2009 medical mission of 3 doctors, 3 nurses and 3 support staff to Chauffard
  • Funding for new batteries for the rectory’s solar panels
  • Donated a diesel generator and 2 computers
  • Annual shipment of toiletries, medicines, and school supplies
  • Donation of $44,000 to help with immediate needs after 2010 earthquake
  • 2011 medical mission of 3 doctors, 3 nurses and 4 support staff to Chauffard

The 4×4 Toyota Jeep for Chauffard

Medicine for the people of Chauffard

The repaired Rectory of Chauffard

Seating Matters CHAIRity

Seating Matters CHAIRity was established in the aftermath of the earthquake of January 2010 to bring teams to Haiti to work on medical and healthcare education projects.  Martin Tierney and his Father James made a trip to Haiti within 2 months of the earthquake to obtain an understanding of theirs needs.

Martin and James Tierney seek to understand the needs of the hospitals in Haiti

Martin Tierney meets the patients of St. Damiens hospital

After this, they brought a team of medically trained staff to provide healthcare for those recovering from injuries sustained in the earthquake. Seating Matters donated 12 specialist chairs to provide rehabilitation in Gena Heraghty’s  orphanage in  Kenscoff outside PAP. Along with the help of generous donations from local schools and businesses, their Medical Mission group and from donors across the UK and Ireland , they were able to supply hundreds of tents to provide shelter for those homeless after the earthquake.

Summary of accomplishments

  • Donation of 12 rehabilitation chairs for victims of the 2010 earthquake
  • 2010 Medical Mission of nurses, physios and occupational therapists for hospitals in PAP
  • Hundreds of tents for temporary shelter for victims of the earthquake

The Seating Matters Medical Mission team of 2010

The Medical Mission 2010 team consisted of:

  • Nurse – Sarah Healey
  • Occupational Therapists – Jackie Casey, Jean Marshall, Nuala Nagle, Laura Wedge, Dympna Mulroy, Aileen McDaniel
  • Pharmacist – Thomas Hughes
  • Physiotherapist – Sue Hain

Victims of the Earthquake use Seating Matters Specialists Chairs to aid the rehabilitation


The container of tents and chairs is about to be filled.

Seating Matters CHAIRity prepare the chairs for Haiti

Seating Matters CHAIRity prepare the tents for Haiti

Seating Matters CHAIRity used the UN to help distribute tents fairly to the people of Haiti

Seating Matters distribute the tents to the people of Haiti

Thomas Hughes of Medical Mission 2010 looks on at the devastation of the earthquake

Rotarian Betty McNerlin helping Martin Tierney of Seating Matters Limavady as he loaded a container of furniture and necessities for an orphanage in Haiti after the earthquake 2010.


Robert Wilson and Nigel Handforth from Limavady Grammar school present Martin Tierney with a cheque for Haiti