Church Reconstruction

Our Twin Parish, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, was founded in Chauffard, Haiti in 1948 to serve the 7-village area of Laval, Procy, Malanga, Bois d’Orme, Berly, Masson and Bongars. French missionaries organized the building of the original church in the parish in the 1950’s. In 2020 construction began on a new building to replace the original church which had begun falling apart. Through your generous donations a beautiful new church has been built to inspire and serve the community. The new church will accommodate 600 – 650 parishioners at a time. It is a great joy to Father Raymond and the people of Chauffard to see this project finally completed in 2021.

The new church in Chauffard, Haiti, built with your donations, was finally completed in 2021.

Read here for article written in the Catholic Sun.

Scroll through the photos below to get a feel for the complexity of the project.

The volunteers of Haiti in in our Hands are delighted to see the reconstruction of Chauffard church completed, and are very appreciative of the generous donations that have allowed this to happen. We believe the people of Chauffard deserve a safe and secure place to worship.