Who we are

Haiti in our Hands is a charitable organisation committed to improving the lives of the people of Haiti with a holistic approach based on compassion and solidarity. We believe by empowering the people of Haiti to help themselves this once great country can thrive again.

The Team

Haiti in our Hands is a group of people from the US and Northern Ireland committed to serving the people of Haiti. Members from each side of the Atlantic combined their efforts after their joint trip to Haiti in November 2011 to form Haiti in our Hands. Working together we can make a huge difference for the people of Chauffard where we work in Haiti. 

The Haiti in our Hands Medical team of 2012

The Haiti in our Hands Medical team of 2012

There are many more individuals that have come together to ensure Haiti in our Hands has and continues to make a positive impact in Haiti but central to it all is Katherine Buehl McMahon. Her dedication and compassion for the people of Haiti is extraordinary and is the key to our efforts. She is not shown in the team photo above.

Please visit our Medical Missions page to see the great work done by our doctors and nurses

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Haiti in our Hands please contact us.