This is an update on the recent medical mission from November 2015. Please read this in detail as this update contains important information about the work in Chauffard.
11 November 2015
The team has landed! Everyone met up successfully this morning in NYC and checked their suitcases. Tom called when they landed in Port-au-Prince and I heard from Jerry as they waited outside the airport for the Matthew 25 transport. One of Valerie’s bags did not pass by them on the carousel, but was found. There was a long wait as they passed through customs and some questioning. Shania told the man her bags contained feminine hygiene products and was waved through. Jerry has spoken with Domond from Matthew 25 and expects all to be well. We should hear more tonight and tomorrow morning as they have wifi in Port-au-Prince.
12 November 2015
All appears to be going well with our wonderful team in Chauffard. Jerry called and updated this morning at 10.30 to inform us that they were sorting out the rental trucks and they were waiting on Fr. Raymond to arrive. 
WiFi was down at the Matthew 25 guest house so many of you may not have heard from the volunteers today. Other than that everyone seems to be getting on good!
13 November 2015: Clinic Day #1 
Our volunteers saw over 330 patients. All went well. Jerry said they were eating well. He called from The Phone Booth ledge on the mountain. His phone worked from there.
“A pre-arranged amount of patients visit each day. Nurse Ann Marie or her staff visit villages near by and give out colored tickets- different colors for each of the 3 clinic days. Day 1 of the clinic went well. They saw about 330 patients.” Dr Jerry McMahon
14 November 2015: Clinic Day #2
Jerry did call yesterday as Clinic Day #2 ended. He climbed on top of the Rectory to get a signal. Our team saw over 400 patients on Day 2. They are seeing patients in the new schools. Repairs are not completed on the clinic building yet. He said the meals of rice and goat with vegetables are good. It has been warm. All is well.
15 November 2015
Sunday in Chauffard- Jerry said the mass was very nice. Father Raymond said many nice things about our Medical Mission volunteers and the people of the Church of St. Michael and St. Peter. Jerry was one of a group that took a hike in the mountains. It was a strenuous hour up to where he had enough of a cell phone signal for us to have 3 short broken conversations.
Jerry was called to see a young man’s leg in the evening. This man had been helping kill a pig in the Rectory yard. The pig got him in the leg and it was a pretty bad wound. Deep enough that Father Raymond’s driver took him into the hospital in Port-au-Prince for stitches. 
Imagine our medical team had not been there? Imagine we had not provided a vehicle for the community? How would this man’s wound have been treated and would he have survived the injury?
16 November 2015: Clinic Day #3
Tom called to report on the day’s events. Clinic went well today. They saw about 350 patients and finished late. This is the only medical care many of these people will receive all year. We have recorded information on the lives and health of the people of Chauffard this year to get an idea of their overall health and well-being year-on-year.
It is hard to believe this year’s medical mission is coming to a close. We look forward to hearing all the details and seeing all their new photos!
17 November 2015
Father Raymond wrote about the Medical Mission, “Everything went well in Chauffard. They are a solid and respectful team. Many patients had the chance to consult with them and receive some medications. A thousand thanks for having arranged everything well. . . For the construction of the clinic, we are in the process of serious work. I will have a progress report to you soon.”
Importance notice
We have been made aware of an allegation against a member of the community in Chauffard, Haiti. Note the allegation does not concern the behavior of our volunteer group. This allegation was expressed following the recent medical trip ending November 17, 2015. 

This allegation is being taken very seriously. 
We are developing a process to understand the events and what was observed by the volunteers. 

We will communicate with members of the Haiti Committee, Haiti in our Hands and our donors with transparency and on a regular basis until this matter is brought to a resolution.