Support our Medical Missions

Our Medical Missions bring together the efforts of many skilled medical workers such as doctors and nurses. Although our Medical Missions to date have been very successful we feel they can be improved. We are looking for medically trained personnel who are willing to volunteer for one week to support a Medical Mission so we can treat greater numbers than we have been doing so far. We are looking for

  • doctors involved in primary care, internal medicine and and paediatricians
  • nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants
  • dentists for simple procedures such as extractions
  • pharmacists to manage medicine

The nurses of Medical Mission 2009

We are also looking for medicine to prescribe to the people of Chauffard. At present we obtain our medicine from large national charitable organisations such as Catholic Medical Mission Board and Blessings International but we are always in need of more. We would also like to support our local Haitian doctor Dr. Alix Joseph in providing medical attention throughout the year.

If you feel you can help us in any way with our Medical Missions please contact us.

Dr. Jerry McMahon treats a gentleman from Chauffard during Medical Mission 2011